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Board of Directors

NAAB Eagle Fund Board 2020-2021

Board of Directors

Email Contact:

Rakesh Shah, President

Stacey Quick, Vice President

Courtney Boisseree, Treasurer

Cassie Everson, Secretary

Jared Gagnon, Principal

Catherine Maderos, Staff Rep

Appointed Positions

Sara Kader, Financial Secretary

Jen Wallace, Auditor

Amy Hendrickson, Communications

Wendy Zamarripa, Eagle Eatery

Rakesh Shah, SRV Ed Fund Rep

Deb Butler and Stacey Quick, Webmasters

Due to Covid-19 and Remote Learning/Hybrid Learning, many of our appointed positions remain open at this time.  These include, but are not limited to, auction chair, Eagle March chair, and other auction-related positions.