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Book of the month


This month, in response to bullying awareness month, I will be reading One by Kathryn Otoshi to all of our students. This is the story of the color Blue who is constantly being bullied by Red. All the other colors stand by and watch and eventually get bullied themselves. That is until, 1 comes along and 1 stands up to Red.
This story ends with the message that everyone counts. It shares the message that it is important to stand up for one another when you see something that is not right. The book ends with the statement that “sometimes it just takes one” to break the bullying chain and empower others to do the same. This story is a beautiful message and I am excited to share it with our students for the month of October in celebration of Bullying awareness month.

Mr. Gagnon's Story Corner

Here is a collection of all of Mr. Gagnon's books he has read to you online during Remote Learning.  Feel free to revisit any of your favorites by clicking on the book.

book cover  book cover

book cover book cover

book cover book cover


Staff Spotlight


For the month of October, I would like to highlight the work of Ms. Sherry Forsythe. Ms. Forsythe has been a Neil Armstrong Eagle for the past 24 years and for that, we are grateful. We have been so blessed to have her positively impacting every student’s life with whom she works. Ms. Forsythe works tirelessly to support the students in her Focus 1st grade classroom and distance learning has been no exception. Ms. Forsythe began with her class last school year and looped with them as part of the Focus program allowing her to know where her students were coming into this year. That has helped her to seamlessly launch this school year with her students and have them tuned in to her schedule and expectations. She loves seeing their faces pop onto the screen and adores their warm greetings.
Sherry is continuously positive and encouraging of her students and is their best advocate. She thrives on the close community that she is able to build within her classroom and with the families of her students. She loves watching how the students look out for one another and constantly push each other to grow both socially and academically. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with Sherry and for all of the passion and energy that she brings to her class and her students. THANK YOU, SHERRY!

Principal's Corner

October Newsletter

Neil Armstrong Community –

I hope this finds you well and you and your family in good health. Time is flying this school year and I hope that all of your students are adjusted to this new learning environment. I know that it poses more challenges for some students in comparison to others but our teachers are working very hard to support all of our students and I am grateful for their dedication to the student’s well-being, each and every day.

October – Bullying and Dyslexia Awareness Month

October is Bullying awareness month as well as Dyslexia awareness month in the SRVUSD and I wanted to highlight both for you. Despite being in this virtual learning space, kindness and acceptance of all individuals is critical in these difficult times. Bullying knows no bounds and often happens even when students are in the comfort of your homes. Whether through social media, video games, or even remote school platforms, students have continuous access to one another and it is critical we talk to our students about being kind to one another and standing up against something that is not appropriate or hurtful. If they see something wrong, it is important to tell an adult so the situation can be addressed, immediately! Please talk to your children about bullying and let them know that is has no place in our school and in our community.

Return to School

You may have heard that at last night’s Board meeting, it was decided that SRVUSD schools will re-open after Winter Break. While I am sure this news comes as a relief to many in our community, I am sure it may be very upsetting to others. I am choosing to approach this development with a positive mindset . . . Only 49 more school days until we see the amazing faces of our students back in our building! Okay, I agree, that still sounds like a lot, but nonetheless, I will be counting down the days until we can welcome our students back on campus. Obviously, many of the details still need to be worked out, but rest assured we will share every step of the re-opening process with you. When our students do return, it needs to be in a way that is thoroughly thought-out: safe, academically sound, and enriching both socially and emotionally.

Parent/ Teacher Conferences

As you are aware, next week is parent-teacher conference week. This is the time for parents and teachers to discuss student progress thus far and set academic and/or social-emotional goals for the remainder of the semester. As our conference time-slots are relatively short, I do ask that the focus of the conversation remain centered on your child. I know it will be tempting to ask our staff about possible hybrid schedules or what things will look like once we return. These are all very important topics that will need to be discussed, but we do not have specific answers to these questions . . . yet! We will share that with you as the information becomes available. Any questions you may have about reopening should be directed to me at I encourage each and every family to read all that is coming out from the district. Although it is a lot of information, it is critical to our success moving forward. Thank you for understanding.

Picture Day

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, Lifetouch will be here on campus after school to take student individual photos. This is a completely optional activity we are offering our families. We know that many parents use their child’s school photos as a chronological keepsake!

In order to make the process go smoothly, and avoid having large numbers of people on campus at once, we are asking families to follow the alphabetical system we have created. We understand that this will not work for everyone, but for everyone’s increased safety, we ask that you do what you can to bring your child during your assigned time slot (or the make-up slot on November 16th). Lifetouch will have multiple cameras in operation, and they are committed to providing a safe and efficient experience.

We have carefully calculated the number of students who fall into each of the categories. Just a reminder that ALL social-distancing guidelines must be maintained, and masks must be worn at all times (except when being photographed). Also, we understand that the students (and parents, for that matter!) may be excited to come to school, especially if they see a friend or classmate. As fun as it would be, we sadly cannot allow any playtime/social-gatherings on campus. Thank you for being respectful to one another and following all guidelines.

Feel free to park in the front parking lot or alongside the curb in front of the office. We are asking parents to accompany their child to the MPR. There will be markings on the sidewalk, directing people where to wait in line. Your child should not enter the MPR until directed to do so and then they will meet you outside after they are finished.

Picture day schedule:

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

12pm - 2pm, last names that start with letters A - J

2pm - 4pm, last names that start with letters K - O

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

12pm - 2pm, last names that start with letters P - S

2pm - 3pm, last names that start with T - Z

3pm - 4pm, open to all

Yearbook Photo Collection

Yearbook? YES! No matter how crazy this year is, we will have a yearbook to remember it with. But, we need your help! We need you to submit photos, now and throughout the school year. Want to increase the chance that your child will get in the yearbook? Submit photos here at: YEARBOOK PHOTOS OUR SCHOOL CODE IS NAEagles

We are currently accepting photos only from the following:

1) First day of school

2) Workspaces

3) Mask Fashion

4) Packet/library pickups

Please submit the above images by 10/15 for consideration. We kindly ask that you only send in one image per topic. We do not need multiple photos of the same students from the same time/event. All photos must be from this school year. Pick your favorite, and submit that ONE! Submissions are accepted on a first come, first used basis.

Thank you again for all of your support and patience with us this school year. We miss seeing our students but are committed to supporting them in every way that we can. Please give them our best and we will see you all soon.

Mr. Jared Gagnon


Neil Armstrong Elementary School

Contact Information

Email Mr. Gagnon at:

Mr Gagnon
Principal Jared Gagnon

Safety Corner


 - Any time you come to campus, whether for a supply pick-up, library pick-up or any other reason, please be sure you are wearing your mask and remain 6 feet from our staff for the safety of everyone in our school community.
- Please have a conversation with your students about the inappropriate use of chat, chatrooms and Google docs as a chat room. Students should only be using their school Google accounts for school activities and assignments! We have been noticing that students are chatting throughout the day, diverting their attention from the tasks that are asked of them. Students are using the chat feature, chat rooms feature or create a Google doc, share it with one another and have just created their own chat room. This is very difficult to monitor as students continue to find ways to circumvent our oversight. Thus, we would encourage all families to talk to their students about the expectation that their Google accounts are just for school work and not to chat with one another. We appreciate your help and support in keeping all of our kids safe.

Housekeeping Items

Supply Pick-ups will occur about every two weeks. Upcoming dates are:

October 15

October 29

November 12

Google classroom

If you have technology issues or if your child is unable to access any sites, please put in a tech work order at SRVUSD TECH HELP FOR PARENTS